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Dog Guards, Dividers, Boot Mats and Bumper Protectors for Ford Edge

Please note that the years referred to on the website when selecting your vehicle, are "model years" and this may vary from the date of registration. If in doubt, please check your VIN registration document which can be decoded online to give the model year.

Dog guards, dividers, bumper protectors and boot mats for Ford Edge

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The following discounts apply to all these products.
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Custom Made Dog Guard for Ford Edge 2014 onwards

This is a Travall half height Ford Edge dog guard (part number TDG1515), designed to fit:

  • Ford Edge 2014 ->

Easy DIY fitment and removal, requiring no modification to your vehicle. There is a Travall divider and boot mat - part numbers TDG1515D & TBM1150 - which are suitable for use with this guard.

The parcel shelf can be used when the guard is in position.

Price: £108.33 (£130.00 Inc. VAT)
Divider for Ford Edge 2014 onwards

This is a Travall Ford Edge divider ONLY (part number TDG1515D), designed to fit:

  • Ford Edge 2014 ->

Easy DIY fitment and removal, requiring no modification to your vehicle.

There is a Travall dog guard that this divider MUST be used with - part number TDG1515 - and can be purchased separately as it is not supplied.

Can be in a 50:50 or 60:40 position

Price: £91.67 (£110.00 Inc. VAT)
Boot Mat for Ford Edge 2014 onwards

This is a boot mat liner for Ford Edge 2014 onwards part number TBM1150 designed to fit: 

  • Ford Edge 2014 ->

Easy DIY fitment and removal, using existing fixing and lashing points, has modern anti-slip design, raised outer lip & infused with vanilla scent

If boot rails installed, positions are limited with a Travall® Liner.

Price: £33.33 (£40.00 Inc. VAT)
Plastic Bumper Protector for Ford Edge 2014 to 2018

This is a smooth plastic bumper protector for Ford Edge 2014 - 2018 part number TBP1099P designed to fit:

  • Ford Edge 2014 - 2018

Easy installation and supplied with vehicle specific fixings and to guard against scuffs and scratches to your bumper when loading and unloading your vehicle, with pets, luggage, shopping, cargo etc.

Please note: Although similar, the product shown may not be the specific product for your vehicle

Price: £58.33 (£70.00 Inc. VAT)
W94 Saunders Dog Guard

This Saunders W94 dog guard is easily fitted to headrest stalks for small hatchbacks to people carriers and 4x4's. 

The frame size is 27cm and would ideally fit cars with a roof to top of seat between 25cm & 33cm

No tools are required for assembly or fitting, no holes need to be drilled and there are no permanent fittings in your vehicle.

Headrest stalks are required for fitting

Price: £54.17 (£65.00 Inc. VAT)

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